Strategic and Referral Marketing

Our blend of strategic and referral marketing solutions is based on a deep industry knowledge, a comprehensive examination of your business and careful long-term planning to achieve your goals. 

In a fast evolving and hyper-competitive healthcare industry, specialized marketing services are a must if you want to draw attention to your brand and make it stand out, attract more patients and keep them engaged.

We understand both providers and patients - how healthcare professionals think but also what customers need, we pay close attention to market dynamics and we're honest about our process. This is why you need to know from the start that you will play an important role in developing the plan for your business - together, we'll identify your objectives, strengths and weaknesses, referral patterns, competitive situation and challenges. We think you can't build enduring relationships between consumers and providers if you don't establish a close one with your marketing team first.


Analytics and Measurement

You already know that healthcare and performance data plays an integral role in informed decision-making at both the patient and business level. Data-driven insights and up-to-the-minute performance analytics are critical if you want to know what's working and what's not in your marketing strategy.

What you also need to know is that we dedicate a lot of time to go into the depths of the data you collect, interpret and monitor it, make recommendations and identify the potential for improvement.

The metrics we focus on, operational and financial, are aimed to improve resource use, figure out which targets have the biggest impact, increase the value of your services and reduce costs. We constantly revise them as conditions or your goals change to drive smarter patient retention and better healthcare experiences.


Brand development, Graphic design, Web design

Our experience in designing and positioning lifestyle brands combined with our love for branding and analytical, no nonsense approach will transform your brand and set your business apart.

Brand development is essential in every industry but its role in the healthcare sector is vital - enabling long-term growth and elevating patient experience has become ever more critical with the rise of healthcare consumerism. Whether you’re an established brand or new in the industry, your medical business needs to differentiate from the competition and keep audiences engaged. This is where we step in. 

We take your brand beyond the safe, functional messaging everybody is going for and we do more than designing a logo or a website: we create a meaningful connection between your vision, mission, values and the patients you serve. 


SEO, Online ads, Email marketing, Social media marketing, Patient reviews

We make sure our clients get more than clicks, they get appointments and great online reputation.

Today’s digital-savvy consumers expect to find information and recommendations regarding their healthcare needs everywhere online. More and more patients say that social media, email marketing or online ads have influenced their choice of a treatment centre or doctor - this will continue to be the trend so you have to put your best foot forward to perfect your digital marketing activities. You need to get the world talking about your brand on all the digital platforms suitable for your healthcare niche and we can help you do just that.

We always start with in-depth research to discover how your clients find you online, to analyze your SEO practices and uncover the essence of your online presence. Depending on your goals, we will select the most effective digital marketing techniques for your brand that will expand the growth of your healthcare services in the online space.


Congresses, Symposiums, Workshops and other type of medical events

From administrative management to registration services and overseeing all on-site event details, we nurture every aspect of your medical events and we are committed to making it a success.

Organising medical events, whether it’s a multiple day conference or a simple workshop, a live, in-person congress or a webinar, presents unique challenges and can put pressure on the hosts. The complexities of medical-scientific meetings require a team of skilled planners who can manage every aspect of a collaborative, stress-free experience. We know we are that team. With over 20 years in the event industry, we take pride in delivering events that are worth talking about and, more importantly, that are worth attending.  

Your medical event will be in good hands so you can enjoy the experience and focus on the opportunities to broaden knowledge and network with professionals, colleagues and industry partners.


Media Relations

We don’t wait for the news but create them and we work to strengthen relationships with media outlets and individual journalists to ensure your stories are read by the wider world.

Thinking about how you can maintain the good reputation you’ve built over time in the eye of the public or how you can improve your business image? Then you might need a highly organized and up-to-date PR team which can create a compelling story to position your brand in a saturated healthcare market. Accelerando can act as your voice out in the world. 

We use both traditional and digital strategies to get your healthcare business out there and in the eyes of the media, to educate your consumers, build trust and awareness. PR is a powerful tool and we use it strategically to craft the most persuasive stories and to manage the toughest of scenarios or unforeseen client circumstances.


Copywriting, Photography, Videography

We offer copywriting and photo/videography that live up to your medical work. We make every word matter and every image count.

These days, it’s almost impossible to position your healthcare business without compelling imagery and well-written medical copy. It’s just not enough to offer great services, you must demonstrate it through impressive images and careful-chosen words that convince people. 

Clever copywriting and authentic visual content in the form of behind-the-scenes videos or photos capturing a medical process make it easier to clients to understand healthcare services or complex medical subjects. It can give prospective patients food for thought or surprise them with new information and persuade them to choose you as a healthcare provider without them even realising. 

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